Kit descriptions

This is an early attempt at creating good sounding sampled drum kit. It's somewhat raw sounding, in good and bad way, with mild analog "before-the-tape" processing. The preamps used were just plain generic. The recording environment was also less than ideal. It could've been improved in many ways, but was left "as is" to get a different sound compared to other more pristine kits. And boy does this kit have balls. Forget about bossa nova with this and bash 'em to high heavens.

This is a very realistic sounding drum kit. The samples were recorded and kept in 24bit 48 kHz format to maintain as high quality as possible. Some ambience was deliberately left on all the samples, because the live room sounded good. There are two different snares and kick drums on this: combine them to suit your taste.


Website launched

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Additional sample formats

Additional formats - Akai .akp, LinPlug RM IV, rgc:audio SFZ, Steinberg LM-4 and an alternative General MIDI compatible EXS24 can be found in the Files section.