Version 1.5.7, 19-sep-2007


1. Major DSP optimisations. RetroBand now uses roughly 2/3 of the CPU compared to previous versions on Windows.

2. File size of the plugin halved on Windows.

3. Major memory usage optimisations with the GUI on Windows and OSX.

4. Fixed incompatibility with VST-to-AU adapter with recent OSX Tiger versions.

5. Fixed and optimised mouse and redraw functions for more recent OSX Tiger versions.

Version 1.5.1, 20-dec-2006


1. Fixed dependency on zlib1.dll and the file is no longer needed.

2. Fixed complete muting of sound or crashing in certain hosts when switching presets or opening the editor window.

3. Adjusted individual band 'Emp' parameter range and knob behaviour.

4. Removed sound bursts when switching presets.

5. Shortcut to installed HTML manual now works.

6. Mouse no longer "clamps" when tweaking knobs.

Version 1.5.0, 16-dec-2006


Milestone update.

1. Mac OSX Tiger Universal Binary versions now available.

2. Windows version is no longer tied to SSE enabled CPUs and will work on even older models.

3. CPU and RAM usage excessively optimised, in some cases more than halved.

4. All processing is now internally 64-bit -> improved sound quality.

5. New 'residual' noise mode. (does not apply to Lite version).

6. Alternative Drive mode.

7. Main output volume attenuator.

8. Safety 100Hz Hi-pass filter.

9. Various tweaks and optimisations of the DSP engine.

10. Preset maintenance removed.

11. Plugin initialisation is significantly faster.

12. Installer for better deployment, detects CPU and enables right optimisations for it.

13. Due to the recent major changes and updates of RetroBand with version 1.5, preset compatibility with the old version 1.0 could not be maintained. There were simply too many changes to the DSP engine. Rest assured that future updates will never break preset compatibility, and when migrating projects you can keep using all versions. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Version 1.0.1, 20-sep-2006


1. Fixed excessive CPU usage when automating parameters.

2. Some parameter names were displayed incorrectly.

Version 1.0.0, 19-sep-2006


Initial release.

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