Studio live


Stadium rock drums showing off the sound.

Cats in the scene


Grooves with bass and keys and showing off the natural ambience on the drums. By the way, the drum stick and the sound of the drummer moving are included in the kit.

Beginner's guide to grunge


A nasty sounding teen band in a cheap studio. Check out the sloppy drummer's ride. Bad yet realistic, and created just because it's possible. Just imagine the concentrated look on the punster's faces, and then look at the studio engineer shaking his head in frustration...


This is an early attempt at creating good sounding sampled drum kit. It's somewhat raw sounding, in good and bad way, with mild analog "before-the-tape" processing. The preamps used were just plain generic. The recording environment was also less than ideal. It could've been improved in many ways, but was left “as is” to get a different sound compared to other more pristine kits. And boy does this kit have balls. Forget about bossa nova with this and bash 'em to high heavens.

The files

All you need

The sampler files contain keymaps for all supported sampler formats. Manuals are also included.

Supported formats


Tools needed for accessing the files